Holvi Complete

Annual account feeAccount fee
216.00 €
Cash withdrawal
Cash withdrawal note
Cash withdrawal fees are in percentage of amount withdrawn.
1.00 %
  • Bank offers English registration form
  • 5 Mastercard & 5 User Accounts included
  • Suitable for Startups
  • Incl. Billing functions and Expense Management
  • Accounting Functions Integrated
  • Free of charge Mastercard Credit Card
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Holvi Complete
Grade 1.1
Yearly Fee
13 of 15
Onlinebanking & -fees
22 of 22
Telephonebanking & Offline banking
0 of 6
0 of 5
Credit Card & Bank Card
11 of 14
Card payments
12 of 20
Mobile payments
0 of 3
Flexibility of legal types
11 of 12
Apps, Useraccounts & Deposit Insurance
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Accounting, Billing & other features
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Grade 1.1
Bank Holvi Payment Services Oy
Account name Holvi Complete
Annual account feeAccount fee 216.00 €
Credit interest
Costs & Fees
Annual Fees
Account fee p.a. 216.00 €
Credit card fee p.a. 0.00 €
Transaction fees
Online transactions free of charge p.M. Unlimitiert
Online transactions 0.00 €
Paper transactions
Telephone banking
Payment costs
Credit Card Mastercard
Fees per payment euro zone 0.00 €
Foreign exchange fee 2.00 %
Cash withdrawal costs
Free Withdrawals p.m.
Cash withdrawal (domestic) 1.00 %
Cash withdrawal (euro zone) 1.00 %
Foreign exchange fee 1.00 %
Legal forms
Freelancers & Sole Proprietors
Sole proprietorship
Sole traders
Corporations & Limited Companies
GmbH / KGaA / AG
UG limited liability
Limited (Ltd)
Partnership under civil law
Kommanditgesellschaft (KG)
General partnership
Partnership company (PartG)

Holvi is a Finnish company that provides integrated and fully digital banking and financial services. The services for the Holvi business account “Complete” thus go far beyond the services of a current account for company owners. The business account is offered in three models. The “Builder” model was developed for founders and self-employed persons looking for a free current account. Holvi’s “Complete” model is designed for entrepreneurs who need several accounts and cards. The “Unlimited” variant is designed to appeal to medium-sized companies that want the full range of banking services.

Services of the Holvi Business Account Complete

One of the most important features of the “Complete” account is account management for up to five accounts and five cards. With up to five cards, you can equip other employees of your company so that they can pay with a card at any time. Additional services include the full range of financial and accounting services. Thanks to the integrated tools, you can create your invoices online, enter incoming payments in real time, and save them in your accounting system. The transmission to your tax advisor is done with one click, so that additional steps are no longer necessary.

Who is the Holvi Business Account Complete suitable for?

The business account “Complete” is suitable for companies that are active on several channels and want to sell their products. A separation of the accounts according to distribution and sales channel is easily possible. In addition, the Complete account is suitable for self-employed people who use the comprehensive package of digital services and who want to automate the interfaces between accounting and bookkeeping in order to create time for the core business.

Prices & Conditions of the Holvi Business Account Complete

The basic fee for the account is 18 Euro per month. There is a fee of 2.5 percent for payments in the online shop. Transfers within Europe are unlimited and free of charge. A cash withdrawal costs one percent.

Special features of the Holvi Complete business account

What is striking is the consistent focus on online shops and business customers who want to distribute their incoming payments across several channels to different accounts. With a total of five accounts and five cards, the Complete account allows different channels to be separated and payment transactions to be better controlled. The integration of invoicing and the synchronisation of accounting with the business account is another service that makes life easier for self-employed people with a high proportion of online bookings.

In addition, the differentiation into the three account models, which were developed specifically for the interests of different target groups in order to address a broad audience, is noticeable. The “Unlimited” model, for example, provides for an unlimited number of accounts and cards and is therefore also well suited for medium-sized companies. To apply for an “Unlimited” account, you have to contact Holvi Bank directly.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Holvi Business Account Complete

Who can use the extensive achievements of the account for his enterprise, should be inspired in view of the favorable fees. The fully digital processes involved in opening an account and handling day-to-day banking transactions are also a positive feature. This is targeted at customers who want to focus entirely on digital processes. If you don’t want this, you might opt for a bank with a less automated process.

All advantages of the Holvi Business Account Complete at a glance

  • Account management for up to five accounts and five cards
  • Wide range of financial services and accounting
  • Automated interfaces between invoicing and accounting
  • Transmission to the tax consultant with one click
  • Separation of accounts according to distribution channel and sales channel
  • U.v.m.

Open a Complete business account with Holvi Bank

The business account is opened online. Simply select the “Complete” model and click on the “Open account” button. Then enter some data on the company. The Complete account can be chosen both by UG and GmbH founders as well as by self-employed persons who act as sole traders and who wish to use the account for their online shop, for example.

Conclusion on the Holvi business account Complete

With the Complete account, Holvi primarily addresses customers who are broadly positioned in the e-commerce sector and need to coordinate sales via various online shops. This clientele has special requirements for the necessary banking services and digitized processes. Those who do not necessarily need the combination of banking account and FinTechs can still use this account, but can also opt for the free Builder variant.

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